Why Am I Showing You A Photo Of Dirt?

What’s with photo of dirt?

Last fall, I went on a mission to kill my lawn. You can read about it here and here.  And this spring, once the ground had thawed enough for me to start thinking about transplanting the Burning Bush and the Boxwoods, I scraped away some of the mulch.

And much to my surprise, I found, not decaying cardboard and dying grass, but beautiful soil, filled with super-sized worms by the handful. This was the hope, but I was not expecting it this quickly. Maybe by the end of the summer, but end of winter? Seemed impossible.

Further inspection revealed about 3/4 of the yard had gone to composted soil.  And very few grass or weed breakthroughs. To be safe, once I transplanted the plants, I surrounded the ground around them with more cardboard and replaced the mulch.

I’ll be pulling up a few grass stragglers and the birds will surely drop weed seeds around, but should be easy to keep up with them. And I’ll add more mulch as needed, probably mid to late summer. But for right now, I’m so pleased with how it’s all turning out.

Can’t wait to shop for the plants for the butterfly and hummingbird sections of the yard.