Climate Solution: Power Trip Documentary

Energy freedom for everyone is at our fingertips. But why does it still seem so far away? Because there are some very powerful people preventing us from attaining it. In Power Trip, filmmaker Jonathan Scott (HGTV’s Property Brothers) travels the United States confronting those at the root of the issue and meets the everyday citizens fighting against a deeply entrenched, powerful system that’s waging war against the solar industry—and against the rights of the people who want to choose how they power their lives. Jonathan Scott’s Power Trip will infuriate, enrage, and compel you to take action to make solar energy a global reality.

I was able to preview about twenty minutes of this, I was actually invited to watch the full documentary through my local college, but a work-related issue interrupted my viewing.

I will say from what I saw, it’s worth taking a look at – it will be on PBS Independent Lens on Nov 16th (check for times).

When I have a moment, probably over the holiday, since we are pretty much on lockdown here and I’m not a #covidiot, I’ll take a good look at President-elect Biden’s climate plan and then I’ll write up a post on it.