Let’s Go Solar Glamping

This caught my attention:

Stella Vita travels through Europe without plugging in or using petrol

(CNN) — Traveling along the highways of Europe, a campervan named “Stella Vita” has driven almost 2,000 kilometers (1,242 miles) without stopping for fuel or plugging in to charge.
Described as a “self-sustaining house on wheels,” the campervan has solar panels fitted to its roof and is powered by the energy of the sun alone.
It is fully equipped with living essentials including a double bed, sofa, kitchen area and a bathroom with a shower, sink and toilet. It can fit two people, who can drive, cook breakfast and watch television using just the vehicle’s solar-charged battery, according to its creators — 22 students at the Eindhoven University of Technology in the Netherlands.
“The main goal is to really inspire people and the market and society to accelerate the transition towards a more sustainable future,” says 21-year-old Tijn Ter Horst, a member of Solar Team Eindhoven 2021, which made the vehicle, with funding from sponsors. “What we’re trying to do is to show people and show companies what’s already possible.”


I’ve been busy doing other things, but friends have been doing a ton of research on the feasibility of taking their new home off the grid and I’ve been following their research closely. I’ll be back to share their experience with electric heat pumps for heat and hot water. Along with the advice (good and bad) they have been receiving on the feasibility of all solar power vs. tying into the grid and the costs for each.

Until then…